Sleeping cat

  Cats sleep more than 2/3s of their life, so plenty of time to draw them! 2018

Mindful cat

Inspired by the winter and the moon. 2017


What’s inside my bag?

I carry these items with me, every day. Best of all: my lucky agate, which was given to me when I was little.

Sewing thread

Knitting icon, 2018

Vintage applique

Knitting icon, 2018

Folklore ribbons

Knitting icon, 2018

Needle and thread

Knitting icons, 2018.


Zebra-a giant bar code

Part of my 100dayproject #100animalfunfacts, 2018. This is one of my favourite animals, the hippotigris as the Romans used to call them. Horse-tiger. These social creatures live in herds, with antelopes, wildebeests and more zebras, because lets face it, there is safety in numbers. Or danger in numbers, looking from a lion’s point of view. 🦓 Zebras stick together, so when one of them is being targeted by a lion for instance.. they form a circle around the lion and kick and bite like crazy. A lot of lions do not survive a zebra attack, usually because of kick in the head. The eldest zebra of the herd is responsible for choosing the right routes so the herd can quench its thirst. Especially during their annual 1800 mile migration from Tanzania to Kenya. Baby zebras need to be able to follow the herd as soon and as quickly as possible. A mere 20 minutes after birth, baby zebras can walk! And after a few hours, they are even able to run! The 3 zebra species all have stripes. And all of them different and unique like human fingerprints. Apparently, you can recognise the species by checking out their buts. Like a huge barcode 🙂 ❤️🦓 Oh and they can breed with all horselike animals, resulting in zebroids like zonkeys, zorses and zedonks..


Ai Weiwei

Ever since I saw his art installation Sunflower Seeds at the Tate modern in 2010, Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has a special place in my heart. He lives in exile, because of his political views and critiques. He can be both brutal (like smashing a priceless Ming vase) and poetic (like thoughtfully and orderly placing 100 million porcelain sunflower seeds, taking up inches high, 1000 square meters). If you ever get the chance to visit some of his art, I highly recommend you do. Part of my personal hero project, 2018.

Ruby Bridges, going to school

On November 14, 1960, a 6 year old girl went to school, a new school. She was the first African American pupil, on a all white school. She needed a police escort. White parents kept their children at home out of protest and teachers refused to teach Ruby, except for one teacher, mrs Barbara Henry. In 1999 Ruby founded the Ruby Bridges Foundation, to help fight the disease called ‘racism’. Part of my personal hero project, 2018.

Dutch author Annie MG Schmidt (1911-1995)

She was featured in the annual report of Stichting SodaProducties, in 2018. She has written many children’s books, plays and was loved by many because of her wit and edgy writing.

Portrait of an inquisitive man

Sketched on the ferry boat. 2017

Frida Khalo, I sky you

One of my all time heroes. Part of my personal series of inspirational people.


Succulent in ink

Part of a large series of green and black Indian ink drawings, 2017

Bonsai in ink

Part of a large series of green and black Indian ink drawings, 2017

Striped houseplant in ink

Part of a large series of green and black Indian ink drawings, 2017

Children’s Books

Bookshelves can be everywhere- Voorleesexpress

A great tip to show reading is something normal like cooking: create space for your kids’ books in your home. You don’t need a bookcase at all 🙂

KAST method for the Voorleesexpress

This bookcase shows the KAST method in a playful manner, showing parents books and letters and language are part of everyday life.

Doeboek VoorleesExpress (To do book VoorleesExpress)

To enhance the use of language in a family, one of the many tips in this book is telling your child something about a photo that is close to your heart.